Hi! My name is Thomas Wiringa but on the interwebs my nickname is usually DuckThom or Luna Moonfang.
I'm 23 years old and live in The Netherlands.
My native language is Dutch but on the internet I mostly speak/write in English.
I am also learning Swedish in my spare time as I'm planning to move to Sweden in the future.

My favourite programming languages are PHP (Primarily Laravel), HTML5, JS and CSS3 but I can also code in Java, C#, Swift, Ruby and Python.
I'm currently learning more about Ruby and NodeJS (React, Meteor).
I recently graduated from school and I can now call myself a "Software Engineer".

I also play games quite a lot.
The games I've been playing the most lately are Rocket League and GTA V but I also play games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, Halo, DOTA and Diablo.
For a more complete list of games, take a look at my Steam profile: [HatScrub] Luna Moonfang.

For as far as music goes, I am a huge fan of Monstercat and Muse.
My favourite radio station is 3FM on the radio and Monstercat FM on Twitch.
Electronic music is my favourite genre.

Which brings me to the next point, YouTube.
I'm subscribed to a lot of channels but Hat Films, Sips and The Yogscast are my favourites.


I prefer to correspond via Twitter or E-Mail but i'm also available via IRC and Google+.

E-Mail contactlunamoonfang.nl
Twitter Real_DuckThom
IRC LW_Luna or Luna_Moonfang on the freenode network
Google+ +ThomasWiringa